Window Wells

The purpose of a window well is too prevent water running through the window. Without a window well some windows will be below grade and would be a source of water leakage, insect damage and wood rot. Window wells also allow for more light to enter the basement. We measure each window individually to ensure the best fit and we can order any size you may need. Window wells are corrugated steel with a galvanized coating for long life.

For installation, we start by digging approximately 18″ down below the window and then install coiled drain tile filled with approximately 4-8″ of 1″ (diameter) clean rock for additional drainage. The edges of the well are sealed to the foundation wall to prevent water and dirt coming in. Sleeve anchors secure the wells to the foundation. Clear plastic covers are optional, but in most situations we find it’s better to leave wells open, so moisture isn’t trapped near the window.

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