Cracked Floors

Everfill Slabweld is a very rapid set, high strength ultra-low viscosity concrete repair material. This two-part hybrid urethane system is designed for rapidly rebuilding deeply spalled (chipping) or damaged concrete surfaces or broken control joints. Applications include driveways, sidewalks, warehouse floors, runways, and many more. Satisfies OSHA floor facility safety and surface conditions for fork lift operators. It is very impact resistant. Even in below-zero temperatures set time is approximately 2-4 minutes. You can drive a fork lift over it in as little as 15 minutes! This means very little down time for your business. This product is very low in viscosity allowing it to deeply penetrate into the concrete better than epoxy and it does not become brittle over time. It was intended to be extremely fast setting reducing install time and down-time. Ideal for damage repair to concrete surfaces that will be coated and/or overlayed. The product can also be ground smooth and become almost invisible when properly coated.

Products We Use for Repairing Cracked Floors

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