Bowed Walls

This is the inward movement of the foundation wall. Typically this occurs along the middle of the wall. A horizontal crack at the frost line(near the upper middle) in a cinder block or solid wall usually develops and weakens the wall. Continued expansion of the soil pushes the wall and can eventually lead to severe structural problems resulting in foundation replacement. However, installation of steel I-beams can strengthen and reinforce the wall so no further inward movement is experienced. I-beams are attatched against the wall at floor level and also above the wall at ceiling level. Once in place, the beams can be torqued periodically to keep them snug. The basement walls can still be studded out and finished, but the studs would need to be set off of the foundation wall 4”.

We also offer a kevlar strip for structural reinforcement that will prevent further inward movement of the wall. These are great for the customer who doesn’t want to lose any space along the wall. Studies have shown carbon fiber has 10X the strength of steel!

Products We Use for Reparing Bowed Walls